Maison Klipfel Sushi K 2016 Alsace

Maison Klipfel Sushi K 2016 Alsace

  • Country: France
  • Variety of vine : Assemblage
  • Vintage :  2016
  • Alcohol :  12°
  • Volume :  75cl
  • Type: White
  • Taste note :  口感柔順,清淡的果味,識合配搭壽司,魚生和海鮮


  • Definition - What does Assemblage mean?

    Assemblage refers to a wine-making technique involving the blending of various lots prior to bottling. The key behind assemblage is winemaker's judgment in knowing what lots might support each other in a blend. That is, to be considered for assemblage, wines must prove to be compatible with balanced flavors that neither overpower nor fade when blended together.

    Assemblage makes it possible to create balanced wines without compromising the unique features of each varietal.

  • Maison Klipfel:

歷史悠久的房子:Klipfel House於1824年在Barr(Alsacian葡萄酒之路中心)創建 這個家庭莊園擁有40公頃的葡萄園,包括特殊的Clos Zisser和著名的Grands Crus。 令人難以置信的葡萄酒:Kirchberg de Barr Grand Cru在13公頃的土地上享有理想的南/東南風情。 在Andlau,雷司令種植在Wiebelsberg Grand Cru,砂岩土壤和Kastelberg Grand Cru,只有阿爾薩斯葡萄園種植在片岩上。 一個美妙的品酒酒窖:真實的文化象徵,阿爾薩斯的歷史。